AiCella, Inc.’s commitment to transforming CAR-T/TIL therapy development, showcasing their InsightsTM data dashboard as a pivotal tool within a larger offering, is aimed at academic and industry customers.  AiCella invites engagement and collaboration with stakeholders in the field to drive innovation and progress.

Value Proposition

After intense efforts over the past several years, the field of cell therapy has yet to make significant progress in identifying the specific parameters of the cell products that can reliably predict patient responses. Our long-term goal is to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize the development of cell therapy processes, with the goal of maximizing patient responses to treatment. The overall objective is to uncover process parameters using AI based models that allow much greater insights into responses to treatment than could be uncovered using more traditional approaches. The rationale is that our results will give unprecedented insight into the critical process parameters (CPPs) that dictate treatment success.

OUR Consultants

John Conklin, Ms

Jexa Analytics

Anh Tran

PharmD – Clinical

Data ScienTISTS


AiCella, Inc is headquartered at BioLabs in San Diego, California. In close proximity to the UCSD campus, Biolabs San Diego location puts it right in the middle of a major hub for biotechnology and life sciences. Biolabs pioneered the lab co-working concept and has built a global network of 14 co-working laboratory facilities. The Biolabs site combines fully equipped, permitted, and staffed co-working lab and office facilities, community-building programming, and unparalleled social and networking opportunities. We help startups progress further and faster on limited investment capital, achieving a shorter path from proof-of-concept to commercialization. Since launching in Cambridge, MA in 2009, BioLabs has helped the formation of over 500 companies nationally. San Diego is a major life sciences cluster with world renowned universities, research institutions, and hospitals and over 1700 life science establishments.

BioLabs San Diego occupies two floors totaling 42,000 ft2 and is a class A facility at Longfellow’s Biovista campus, a biotech innovation hub centrally located in Sorrento Mesa. The space features over $3 million in state-of-the-art equipment. Each piece of equipment is considered common use and is calibrated and certified based on manufacturer recommendations and laboratory guidelines.